Which Is Better Motilal Oswal Zerodha?

How does Zerodha earn money?

Stock trades are free for Zerodha users who hold their shares for longer than a day.

The firm makes money from fees on futures, options and intraday equity transactions, which cost a maximum 20 rupees.

Kamath and his family own almost all of the company.

Zerodha’s continued success is far from guaranteed..

Is Zerodha safe for long term investment?

Is Zerodha safe for the long term investment? Yes, Zerodha is as safe as any other stock broker in India. Zerodha is a genuine and trusted stock broker .

Can I have 2 Zerodha accounts?

No, you can only open one trading account with Zerodha in your name. In case you want to open more than multiple trading accounts, please consider opening an account in the name of your family members.

Which is better Zerodha or Upstox?

Compare Zerodha Vs Upstox brokerage, charges, leverage, margin, demat account and intraday trading….Zerodha Vs Upstox Brokerage.ZerodhaUpstoxAccount TypeFlat Brokerage PlanUpstox BasicEquity Intraday Brokerage₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower₹20 per executed order or 0.05% whichever is lower9 more rows

Which account is best for demat?

Ranking for Best Demat Account In India for 2020:Upstox demat account.5Paisa demat account.India Infoline (IIFL) Demat account.Sharekhan demat acccount.Angel Broking demat account.ICICI Direct demat account.HDFC Securities demat account.Kotak Securities demat account.More items…•

Can I have 2 trading accounts?

Yes, you can legally have multiple stock trading accounts but each one of them should be with the different broker. It is not possible to have more than one trading account with the same broker. In a similar way, an individual can have multiple demat accounts but each one of them should be with a different broker.

Is sharekhan better than Motilal Oswal?

Incorporated in 1987, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd….Sharekhan Vs Motilal Oswal Brokerage.SharekhanMotilal OswalAccount TypeClassic AccountDefault PlanEquity Intraday Brokerage0.10%0.05% (both side)Equity Futures Brokerage0.10%0.05% (both side)Equity Options Brokerage₹50 per lot₹100 per lot (both side)7 more rows

Which is the cheapest brokerage in India?

Best Discount Brokers in IndiaZerodha.Angel Broking.5Paisa.Upstox.Trade Smart.SAMCO.Wisdom Capital.Tradejini.

Who owns Motilal Oswal?

Passionate Investment Management Private LimitedMotilal Oswal Financial Services/Parent organizations

Is Motilal Oswal good for trading?

It is one of the leading full-service stockbrokers in India and is known for its trading applications, portfolio management services, and quick customer support. Motilal Oswal Commodity is one of the best services they provide to its clients.

What is brokerage charges of Motilal Oswal?

Brokerage Charge & FeesEquity Delivery Trading0.50%Equity Options TradingRs.70 per LotCurrency Futures Trading0.05%Currency Options TradingRs.70 per Lot8 more rows•Jan 21, 2020

Is Zerodha really free?

This platform is absolutely free since August 24, 2018. Here, you can make your investments without any commissions. With the help of Zerodha Coin, you can have Direct mutual funds in DEMAT form, with the convenience of one portfolio across equity, MF, currency, etc.