When Was IMVU Founded?

Is IMVU for free?

It’s totally free.

Enter a virtual world and social chat room.

IMVU is more than a life simulation – it’s a virtual life in a 3D world with an avatar that you make, to reflect your sense of style..

What is IMVU number?

If you have a billing concern or need further assistance with your IMVU account, check out this article. If you want to contact us by phone, you can call using this toll free (within US) number: 866-761-0975 from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time. For International users, you may also contact us at 1-650-321-8334.

Is IMVU a dating site?

Imvu App. Imvu online virtual game, also considered as a dating platform, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also downloadable for computers which are more preferred by the members.

How much is IMVU worth?

imvu.com is worth $1,804,000 – Worth Of Web.

Where is IMVU located?

Redwood CityIn the real world, IMVU is located in Redwood City, California.

Does IMVU have a virus?

Short answer “yes, IMVU is spreading viruses and malware”. … If the desktop app was downloaded from an official source the client will be free of viruses and other harmful malware. Only download or install IMVU from official sources.

Does IMVU delete inactive accounts?

Inactive accounts needs a 15-25+ year limit before they get removed. I find it awful as someone who has been a fan of IMVU since the start of 2010, that accounts that has been inactive for a few years gets removed & can never be restored.

Why is IMVU so slow?

IMVU account holders often face lag issues within the IMVU chat messenger as the messenger’s high resolution and 3-D graphics environment can tax a computer’s resources. The amount of strain depends on a number of factors including the level of those resources, chat room graphics and your avatar file size.

What year did IMVU start?

April 2004, California, United StatesIMVU/Founded

Who created IMVU?

Eric RiesWill HarveyMatt DanzigIMVU/Founders

Who is the CEO of IMVU?

Daren Tsui (Oct 2017–)IMVU/CEO

Is IMVU kid friendly?

The bottom line: IMVU may be advertised as just another fun place for teens to interact and have fun, but it’s loaded with sexual innuendo that may be inappropriate for many children who are technically old enough to get an account.

What does IMVU stand for?

Instant Messaging Virtual Universe”Instant Messaging Virtual Universe” is the most common definition for IMVU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. IMVU.

Is IMVU a Chinese app?

IMVU: The World’s Leading Avatar-Based 3D Social Network Launches a Localized Mobile App for South Korea. REDWOOD CITY, California, Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — IMVU, the leading avatar-based social network, today announces the official launch of the Korean version of the App.

What is IMVU AP?

The Access Pass (AP) is a feature available to adults who are age 18 and older. The Access Pass helps adults connect online in a safe environment. AP holders gain special privileges to AP-Only Rooms, AP-Only Groups, exclusive content in our catalog, and much more!