What Is Vodacom Just 4 You?

How can I get free minutes on Vodacom?

Only Vodacom Prepaid customers who have opted-in using FreeChange can benefit from the Daily Free Calls offer.


Vodacom Daily Free Call is available to all new and existing Prepaid customers through Free Change via existing channels (1181 IVR, *135# USSD, Vodacom.co.za or My Vodacom App)..

How do I buy 60 minutes on Vodacom?

Power Hour for a weekPower Hour for a week is available to Prepaid subscribers only.The Power Hour for a week bundle is R50 and allows you to get a 60-minute bundle every day for seven consecutive days. … The bundle is available for purchase on *135# More Power menu, *135*60#More items…

How do I get Vodacom 5?

Before buying your first My 5 bundle, you must link to at least one (and up to five) Vodacom numbers, that can be Prepaid, Top Up or Contract customers. To do this dial *135*5# and select Add Friends.

What type of personal Just4You offers can you access on the My Vodacom App?

The Just 4 You offers are based on your usage of airtime, SMS and data, which means you can get more of the content you love, and preferential rates on airtime and SMS bundles. You can also purchase double-your-data bundles to save on data costs.

Is it possible to transfer data on Vodacom?

1. Bundle Transfer allows Vodacom customers to send SMS, MMS and Data Bundles to other Vodacom customers. 2. Bundle Transfer is a transfer of airtime from the transferring customer that is immediately converted into a bundle for the receiving customer.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your Points, log into your account and click on the gift box icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site. This will take you to a page with all our Reward options.

How do you get free VodaBucks?

Every Vodacom customer (including Prepaid, Postpaid and Top-Up) who has joined the VodaBucks Rewards Programme will receive a minimum of one (1) free Daily Shake on USSD or two (2) free Daily Shakes when using the My Vodacom App which can be used to win a variety of prizes.

What can I do with my Vodacom Talking Points?

What can you do with these points? You can redeem your points for various freebies, like cellphones, tablets, data and SMS bundles. If you have 1000 points and less, they can be redeemed for data, SMS bundles and prepaid airtime, while more than 1000 points could see you qualify to receive a cellphone.

What is Vodacom my 5?

My5 offers one hour of talk time, unlimited texting to any network, as well as data allocation to prepaid clients for as little as R6. The service is part of Vodacom Free4Sho customer promotion that provides guaranteed free benefits to prepaid customers. … They can also send an e-mail to customercare@vodacom.co.za.

How does Vodacom rewards work?

Joining the VodaBucks Rewards Programme means you will earn VodaBucks when using our qualifying Vodacom services. Once you Bank your Bucks, you can then spend them on a range of rewards in the VodaBucks Store. Rewards in the VodaBucks Store include: Airtime and data bundles.

What does Vodacom mean?

Voice Data CommunicationAcronym. Definition. VODACOM. Voice Data Communication. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What Vodacom package am I on?

My Vodacom App Once you’re in the app, go to Account Overview and then Account Details. Here, you will see the name of your plan and its details – you may need to scroll down a little.