What Is Airtel Secure Free?

What is Airtel secure Internet?

Airtel Secure Internet is a network-based security service.

Any games or applications utilizing local storage will continue to function as it does not require network access to work and cannot be blocked at a network level..

How do I claim my Airtel benefits?

Claiming Airtel Thanks rewards is very simple. Just download Airtel Thanks App or upgrade to the latest version and click on the Airtel Thanks banner. Here you will get all information of the eligible rewards and you can directly claim them from here.

Is my Airtel App Safe?

Airtel’s digital platforms are highly secure. Customer privacy is of paramount importance to us and we deploy the best of solutions to ensure the security of our digital platforms,” Airtel spokesperson said.

How does Airtel insurance work?

Once you recharge your number, you will receive the policy activation SMS. Life Insurance policy will be generated on the registered name of the customer. … Physical copy of the policy would be delivered to your home only if you update your address on Airtel Thanks app or get it updated by any Retailer near you.