Quick Answer: How Long Is Lyca Sim Valid For?

Why does my Lyca Sim not working?


Find an option called Lycamobile Services or Lyca Services on your phone.

This will likely be found somewhere in your settings folder, under ‘Tools’, ‘SIM’ or among the apps.

Following this, reset your phone without taking the SIM out and then start the Manual Network Search again..

How long does Lyca top up last?

The extra credit will be valid only for 30 days from the date of top-up/Auto Top-up.

Is Lyca Sim free?

Once you order a free prepaid SIM card, you can top-up to start making calls and use our other services. … With a Lycamobile SIM card, you can stay connected with the world for less!

What network does Lyca use?

TelstraLycamobile uses Telstra telecommunications 3G and 4G network in Australia. You can also find the detailed coverage map on the Telstra website.

Do you have to top up every month on pay as you go?

Yes. If you choose a traditional Pay As You Go plan, there’s no need to top-up your phone every month. You’ll just need to keep your SIM card active to prevent the credit from expiring, which normally means using it for a chargeable activity at least once every 180 days.

Does Lyca Sim expire?

On Lycamobile, all Pay As You Go credit will expires 90 days from the date of your top-up. … Lycamobile will then provide you with an additional thirty (30) days to make a voice call, send a message or data, or purchase a top-up using the Top-Up Services.

How do I reactivate my SIM card?

How to Reactivate an Old SIM CardRemove the SIM card from the handset.Write down the numbers that are printed on the SIM card. … Contact your wireless provider to activate your SIM card. … Give the IMEI number and SIM card number to your customer service agent.Put the SIM card back into your phone and replace the battery and cover.

How long can a SIM card be inactive?

Most telecom providers will block your local SIM card after 6 or 12 months of inactivity to make the telephone number available for use again by a new customer.

Which pay as you go SIM does not expire?

On Three, your Pay As You Go credit will never expire providing you keep the SIM card active by using it at least once every 180 days.

How can I activate my lycamobile Internet?

Mobile Web SettingsGo to icon – Settings.Go to – Connection (if`s not, go to point nr. 3).Go to – Mobile network.Go to – Activate Mobile data and Data roaming.Go to – Access point name.Go to – Add, to create a new one.

How can I unblock my Lycamobile SIM card?

If you have activated your SIM PIN code and then enter the wrong PIN code into your Lycamobile three times your SIM card will automatically lock. In this case you must enter your PUK code. Your PUK code is displayed on the SIM card holder that came in your starter pack. Please retain it for safe keeping.

Can you reuse a deactivated SIM card?

You can reuse that SIM card only when you find an operator willing to accept your account data. Commercial operators just give you a new SIM card, as it is way cheaper to give you an envelope than to read the IMSI off your card and reactivate it.

What is the cheapest pay as you go SIM card?

If you want the absolute cheapest PAYG Sim and you’re a low usage user, then it’s 1pMobile. It piggybacks off EE’s network and it’s 1p for each minute, every text and for each MB of data you use.

Are lycamobile phones locked?

These mobiles are sold without any SIM card and are not locked to any network.

How long does it take for Lyca Sim to activate?

It can take anywhere between 1 hour to 24-48 business hours for your SIM Card to Activate so we always recommend you keep using your old SIM Card in the meantime.

Can an expired SIM card be reactivated?

You have to contact the cellular network that issued the SIM and they will have to reactivate it. In many cases, the network will have to issue you with a new SIM. Also, if there was a phone number associated with the SIM before it was deactivated, then that number may be lost and you may be issued with a new number.

Is Lycamobile network good?

Network coverage is very good and it was nice talking to Rajesh on the costumer care line. He helped me a lot. It’s a good service to choose for every one.

How do I register my Lycamobile SIM card?

You can register your SIM card by visiting our website www.lycamobile.com.au. Please remember to have your PUK number handy.