Quick Answer: Does ASOS Ship To The US?

Where does ASOS get their clothes from?

As of January 2020, the highest number of ASOS manufacturing factories are situated in China, with a total of 254.

India and Turkey come in second and third place for the number of ASOS manufacturing factories, with 228 and 125 factories respectively..

Is ASOS a bad company?

ASOS made considerable improvements in its supply chains from 2011 to 2017. In 2011 it received Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for its supply chain management, and in 2017 it moved up to a best rating.

Is ASOS bad quality?

Even the asos brand has a lot, and it definitely varies in quality. I usually buy it on sale, so I’ve been pretty pleased at the quality for the price point. … In terms of quality, I’d say they’re better than H&M and Forever21, and I tend to buy it more so for the designs than the quality/price factor.

Does ASOS ship to Saudi Arabia?

Premier Delivery in Saudi Arabia | ASOS Customer Care.

Does ASOS ship Nigeria?

Asos currently delivers to Nigeria and they offer two types of delivery. There is the standard delivery which is free and takes up to 9 working days and there is the express delivery which costs £20 and takes up to 4 working days.

Does ASOS deliver to America?

Your order can be delivered to any mainland US address listed on your account. Just ensure someone is there to take delivery – we’ll handle the rest. Certain brands may be subject to additional delivery restrictions.

Does ASOS ship internationally?

We ship to over 200 countries worldwide offering Standard Shipping to all and Express Shipping where possible. To find out more information on the countries we ship to, the timescales available and costs, change your browsing country to where you’re shipping to.

Does ASOS UK ship to us?

ASOS no longer shipping from UK ASOS to US ASOS.

How long does ASOS take to ship internationally?

We offer Standard, Express and Next-Day delivery services to most European countries. Most of our delivery service are trackable. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link once your order has left the warehouse.

Does ASOS ship to Jamaica?

Unfortunately, Asos doesn’t ship directly to Jamaica.

Why are there no reviews on ASOS?

ASOS doesn’t have a review system in place on their site, nor do they appear to be actively collecting feedback elsewhere. Instead, ASOS adopt a much more modern strategy – they take complaints and feedback on Twitter. This is both genius and ludicrous.

Are ASOS clothes good quality?

The quality of clothes from ASOS is about that gap. There is most certainly better but also far worse, like H&M or American Apperal. … Asos offers it’s own “Asos” brand line of products, which from my experience are very good quality. They also offer items from very high quality European brands.

Is ASOS a Chinese company?

ASOS is calling time on its Chinese adventure. It will still serve Chinese customers through its global website and ship clothes from Europe, but its local warehouse and 60 Shanghai-based staff will go. Here are five reasons ASOS pulled the plug.

Is ASOS considered fast fashion?

Yes, ASOS is a fast fashion brand. ASOS is one of the largest online fashion retailers in the UK, selling clothes to over 22 million customers annually.

Is ASOS free shipping worldwide?

International shipping is charged on a flat rate basis, regardless of the weight of your order. We offer Standard and Express Delivery to most countries and you can find the available delivery options, prices and timeframes by clicking here.

Is ASOS a trustworthy site?

ASOS certainly is legit and safe to use for purchasing fashionable clothing, shoes, and even maternity wear.

Which countries does ASOS ship to?

As a purely online business, we have no bricks and mortar stores. We ship to 239 countries and territories from our fulfilment centres in Germany, the UK and the US, and have offices in New York and London.

Is Nike on ASOS real?

Yes they are real. I have bought heaps of brands (Calvin Klein, vans, etc.) from asos before (although never Nike) and they have always been real. Yes, ASOS is one of the most popular online clothing stores distributing worldwide and what they sell there is authentic.