Question: How Much Can Mpesa Hold?

How much do mpesa agents earn per month?

How much commission can a Mpesa sub-agent make in a month.

On average a sub-agent operating with a float of Ksh.

30,000 can make an estimated commission of Ksh..

How much is it to withdraw 1000 from mpesa?

Withdrawing any amount between Ksh. 501-1000 costs Ksh. 28.

Can you reverse airtime?

To get back your airtime for most subscribers, you will be required to call a customer care agent and inform them immediately. You can contact them through their Facebook page, Telegram, Twitter or dialling 100. The fastest and most efficient way is by dialling the above number.

How long does it take to reverse a wrong mpesa transaction?

between 24 to 48 hoursHow long does it take to reverse a wrong M-Pesa transaction? The reversal request process is the most natural part; waiting is the hardest. You’ll have to be patient for the customer service representatives to complete their due diligence. Safaricom takes typically between 24 to 48 hours to complete the reversal.

How much profit do mpesa agents make?

In a month of diligently running an M-Pesa business, you can make a profit from ksh15000 to as much as Ksh 50,000. However, the profit margin depends on factors such as your location, traffic, and the number of customers you have.

How do mpesa agents make profit?

Agents earn a commission from Safaricom whenever they make deposits or withdrawals for their clients. Even though clients deposit money into their accounts for free, Safaricom still pays commission to Mpesa agents performing this service. … This fee distributes to Safaricom, principal agent, and the sub-agent.

Can I convert airtime to cash?

Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion. You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has an app on Playstore.

What is the maximum mpesa balance?

Maximum Balance at any given time on your Mpesa account is KSHs 100,000 (You won’t be able to receive additional cash if your balance is Ksh 100,000.) Maximum Daily Transaction Value is KSHs 140,000. You are allowed to send a maximum of Ksh 70,000 and another 70k per transaction.

How much is it to withdraw 50000 from mpesa?

How Much It Cost To Withdraw Kshs 50000 From Mpesa. According to the latest Safaricom M-Pesa rates, the fee for withdrawing 50000 Kenyan Shillings form your account at the agent outlet is 270 Kshs. In fact, the Mpesa withdrawal charges for any amount above 50,000 Kshs is 300 shillings.

Is mpesa business profitable?

MPesa business is one of the most profitable small capital businesses in Kenya. In a good month, you can make as much as Ksh 50,000 depending on location and traffic flow. These statistics, coupled with the immense profits generated from M-Pesa tells how a lucrative business opportunity MPesa is.

Can I reverse airtime to mpesa?

To reverse the airtime back to Mpesa, you simply need to forward the MPesa transaction message to 456.

How much do mpesa agents make?

Safaricom Mpesa Commission Rates/Charges For 2020 According to the rate, the minimum amount of commission an agent can earn is Ksh 4 after transacting Ksh50-Ksh100. The highest amount of commission, on the other hand, from a single transaction, is Ksh190.