Question: Does PayPal Show Your Email Address?

Why does PayPal need my address?

For security reasons, we may be required to confirm your identity.

Confirming your address is also one of the verification steps required to lift the limits on your PayPal account.


Can I have two emails on PayPal?

You can add up to 7 email addresses to your PayPal account. Each email address can be added to one PayPal account at a time. Click + next to “Email”.

What happens if I change my PayPal email?

Great question – you can change your email address on PayPal without losing all of that information and account history. Just add the new email address, confirm it, and make it your primary email address. If you want, you can delete the old email address at that point or even keep it around.

Can I hide my real name on PayPal?

You can hide your real name by setting up a PayPal business account with your pen name as the name of your business. You still have to tell PayPal your real name, but customers will only see your business name. … Navigate to the PayPal website (link in Resources), and then click the “Sign Up” button.

How do I make a PayPal payment to an email address?

Here’s how to send a payment from your PayPal account:Go to Send & Request.Enter the recipient’s email address, and click Next.Select your payment type.Enter the amount you want to send, select the currency, and add a message to your recipient (optional), and click Continue.More items…

Can PayPal recipients see my address?

When you send money for an item your seller will see your name, address and email address. This information is provided to assist with the shipping of your item. You will only see your seller’s email address as you do not need their shipping information.

What does a PayPal email address look like?

It begins with a generic greeting like “Dear user” or “Hello, PayPal member.” Instead, the company says, “We’ll always begin with your first and last name or the business name on your PayPal account.” It asks for financial and other personal information.

How do I hide my address on PayPal?

The only way to keep your address hidden from buyers is to mark your payments as a service.

Can I change my PayPal email address?

How do I add, edit or remove an email address on my PayPal account? … Click the link in our email. To edit an email address, click Edit next to the address you want to change. Make the edits and click Change email.

Does PayPal email you about suspicious activity?

Phishing and spoof emails aim to obtain your secure information, passwords, or account numbers. … If you receive a suspicious email, FORWARD it to Our security experts can take a look to determine if it’s a fake. If it is, we’ll get the source of the email shut down as quickly as possible.

How do I change my primary email address?

You can change your primary email address in the emails tab of your account settings. Simply click the “Make Primary” link alongside any verified email address other than your Primary address to set that address as your Primary address.

How do I find my PayPal email address?

How do I add additional email addresses to my PayPal account?Go to your Settings .Click + next to “Email”.Enter your new email address.Click Add an email address and we’ll send you an email.Click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

Should I give my PayPal email address to someone?

It’s perfectly safe to give them your email address – as long as they don’t know your password – but usually what happens after that, is if it is a scammer, you start receiving fake emails trying to get you to believe money is in your account…… when it really was never sent at all.

Should I give my PayPal email address to someone on eBay?

You do not need to EVER provide your PayPal email address to any buyer. Invoices are all done automatically via eBay. I suggest that you refund any payment and Cancel this transaction immediately.

How can I be anonymous on PayPal?

To make an anonymous online payment with PayPal, you’ll need to register a payment card or bank account. When you make the transaction, your recipient will only see your registered name and e-mail address.

Does PayPal send anything to billing address?

PayPal normally does not send any type of invoice to your Billing Address however, some businesses will send a copy of the invoice not as a bill to be paid but, as a receipt for your records.

Can I delete my PayPal account and start again?

When you close your account, PayPal cannot reopen it for you. You can, however, open a new account with the same or a similar email account.

How do I remove my primary email from PayPal?

How do I add, edit or remove an email address on my PayPal account?To add a new email address, click +. Enter the email address and click Add Email. … To edit and email address, click Edit next to the address you want to change. Make the edits and click Change email.To remove an email address, click Remove.

How do I not show my name on PayPal?

The only way that they won’t see your name is if you upgrade your account to a business account. Once you have done this, you can then put the business name as the name you would like your buyers to see. To add a business name, you need to upgrade to a Business account.

How to add PayPal to Google Pay.When you’re ready to checkout in Google products click “add payment method”Enter your PayPal information & accept the terms.You’re all set! Use PayPal to checkout on Google Play, YouTube, & the Google Store.

Can I add a second email address to my eBay account?

For anyone else looking for ability to use additional email addresses for sending and receiving messages only there is a way: In My eBay, click the ‘Account’ tab and then click ‘Communication Preferences’ in the drop-down menu.