Is Walao A Bad Word?

Is Kanasai a bad word?


It means “just like shit”.

Example: Internet is so slow here, Kanasai!.

What is Wah Piang?

piang (?)] Also wah piang, wah piang eh. An exclamation expr. astonishment, consternation, despair, dismay, etc.

What does bij mean?

preposition. by [preposition] next to; near; at the side of.

What does LL mean in Singapore?

LL. Meaning : LL Stands”lan” “lan”, what can you do about it! Example : So what if i don’t turn up for the meeting…LL lah…!

What does KNS mean on Snapchat?

KMS: This term can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and means “kill myself.” KYS is also used and means “kill yourself.” SMH: The term is used to mean “shaking my head.” It’s usually used when someone does something annoying. YW: This simple shorthand means “You’re welcome.”

What does Wah Lau mean?

Oh my DadOriginated from Hokkien. “Wah lau” is translated to “Oh my Dad”, and the “eh” is added to enhance this. The expression is commonly used to profess surprise or that something is stupid, can be compared to “Oh my God!”.

Why do Singaporeans say LA?

Singapore English or Singlish is influenced by the grammar structures of the other languages spoken by Singaporeans. In Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien and other Chinese dialects, it is not uncommon to hear “la” and “ah” at the end of a sentence or question that is verbally conveyed.

Why do Chinese say LA?

Chinese are considered lack of national self-confidence and they always think western-style is better than our old tradition, so we can see that a number of Chinese tend to imitate Taiwan accent to show that they are fashionable, in your case, adding “la” at the end of some sentences.

What eat snake means?

Eat snake is a phrase used to describe a person’s attitude towards work or tasks. It practically means skiving at work and slacking off from tasks and responsibilities.

What is Kanina in Chinese?

kanina英文 Last Update: 2019-10-13.

What is SMH in chat?

SMH stands for “shaking my head.”

What is the meaning of Walao?

“Walao” and its variations are popularly used when someone is surprised, shocked or in disbelief. This would be the Malaysian replacement of “Oh my gosh!”.