Does Metrobank Have An App?

Is Metrobank app safe?

With the Metrobank Mobile App, sending money is safe and easy.

No need to go to the branches and line up..

How can I buy Metrobank app?

On the main page of your Metrobank Mobile Banking app, click on a particular account, e.g., the one under Current & Savings. You have three options displayed – Manage (pen), History (clock), and Transact (arrowhead). Click TRANSACT. [3] Click BUY LOAD.

How can I activate Metrobank mobile banking?

1. Go to Google Play and search for Metro Bank AL. 2. After downloading the App you will be required to enter the activation code from the Enrollment Process.

How can I transfer money through Metrobank mobile banking?

Log in to your Metrobank Mobile Banking app. Select “Transfer to Other Bank” on the main menu. Choose “InstaPay,” then click “Enroll.” Enter the needed information, then select “Save.” You will be asked to enter your password to confirm the enrollment.

How can I check my savings account balance online in Metrobank?

Log on to mobile banking, using your online banking User ID and password, through your cell phone and check balances, transfer funds and more….Mobile BankingCheck the available balance in your accounts.Transfer money between your accounts.View recent transactions.

How can I transfer from Metrobank direct to GCash?

PESONetLog in to the Metrobank App.Under Profile icon on top left corner, click ‘Transfer to Other Bank’ then select ‘PESONet’.Click ‘Transfer’, select ‘GCash’ then input 11-Digit GCash Account Number, Account Name, Address and E-mail Address. … Select Metrobank Account to transfer funds from.More items…•

How do I add an account to Metrobank mobile app?

Metrobank (Online Fund Transfer)Log in to MANAGE ACCOUNTS tab, click ENROLL ACCOUNT.Choose Input 3RD PARTY ACCOUNT FOR ENROLLMENT.Fill-in the following details: ACCOUNT NUMBER: 641-3-64100525-9. … Click CONTINUE.Check the information on the readback page.

Is Metrobankdirect different from Metrobank app?

Is Metrobank Direct similar to Metrobank Mobile Banking? They have similar features, but Metrobank Direct is still more robust than Metrobank Mobile Banking. If you have already created an account via Metrobank Direct, you can already use this to log in via the Metrobank Mobile Banking app.

How do I pay bills using Metrobank app?

How to pay your Meralco bill on the Metrobank Mobile AppTap the Menu panel on the upper left of the screen.Select MY BILLS.Tap PAY under One-Time Payment.Select Meralco as a biller.Under Subscriber Number, enter your CAN, then enter your total amount.

How can I know my Metrobank mobile banking username?

If you’ve forgotten your customer number or your username, you can easily locate them in our app. Log in to the app and go to the More menu to access Settings, and select My Details. Your ID should be located under your name.

Is Metrobank online banking safe?

Metrobank uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all its online transactions to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. This encryption method is considered one of the most secure and unbreakable.

How can I deposit in Metrobank?

Go to any Metrobank branch and fill-out the blue deposit slip.Indicate the Fund Account Number and Fund Account Name. Fund Name. Fund Account Number. First Metro Save And Learn Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. 292-2-292-01047-2.Choose mode of payment.Indicate your Name, Contact No. and Address.Indicate the amount to be invested.

Can I transfer money from Metrobank to other bank?

You can use it through the Metrobank Mobile App. When transferring money, you can select “Transfer to Other Bank” and choose PESONet as an option. You can also visit Metrobank branches to transfer money via PESONet.