Do You Need WiFi For SumUp?

Can you use SumUp without WiFi?


If you don’t have access to WiFi, you can process transactions with SumUp using data coverage (minimum 3G speed) from your smartphone..

What network does SumUp use?

3GSumUp 3G displays for sending a digital receipt. The card machine works with WiFi or/and makes use of the 3G network via the preinstalled SIM card in order to process card transactions. SumUp provides unlimited data on this card, so you don’t need to top it up.

Can you use SumUp without card?

While SumUp is mostly associated with card payments at the point-of-sale, the service now goes way beyond. … The SMS Payment process allows to accept payments through a simple online form without the need of a card terminal – ideal for mobile professionals in the beauty industry or craftsmen.

Do card machines need WiFi?

Some card machines actually require very little connectivity to process transactions – the kind of connectivity you may be limited to at your location. High-speed options for a mobile terminal include 4G and most WiFi connections. Slower-speed options include: 3G.

Can I take payment over phone with SumUp?

Mobile Card Payment Systems To take card payments with a mobile device, you must first download the SumUp Card Payment App. Instead of using a traditional fixed-line PDQ machine, your smartphone becomes the base from which the technology works.

Is SumUp any good?

SumUp Air is a compact, low-cost card reader for contactless and chip card payments. It works in conjunction with a mobile app and is super-easy to get started with. The only ongoing cost is a 1.69% transaction fee. Highs: Easy to use.