Can I Pay My Telkom Account At Pick And Pay?

How do I get my Telkom account number?

Customers should send an SMS with their 10-digit Telkom landline telephone number, followed by a space and the account-holder’s ID number, from a mobile phone to 012 321 0210..

How do I get my Telkom bill?

Your account can be linked to an e-mail address of your choice when you register at You can also view your bill online by registering at

Can I view my Telkom account online?

Navigate accounts at the bottom of your mobile screen. Here you can easily: View your Home, Business & Personal accounts. Manage accounts.

How to register on the Telkom portal and link your products into the portalNavigate to the Telkom app and select Register.Fill in all your personal details & agree to the terms.Select the next button.You will receive an OTP via email. Type in that OTP and select continue.Registration will then be successful.

Can you pay your post office box online?

Your options for making a payment are: Pay online: Go to and click “Renew.” This will direct you to a page where you can Sign In if you already have an account, or Register if you do not. If you already have an account on, enter your Username and Password.

Can I pay my Telkom account at the post office?

In order to make use of this service, select Telkom from the beneficiary list supplied by your bank. Use the EFT reference number, which on the first page of your bill, to make electronic payments via ATM. Post office payments are also an option for you. Give the cashier your invoice and your cash or cheque payment.

How do I get my Telkom account emailed to me?

Email billing is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way for you to receive your monthly statement. Your account can be linked to an e-mail address of your choice when you register at

What is event billing usage Telkom?

Telkom Mobile introduced event billing, a mobile payment solution, with BlackBerry as its first partner at the beginning of March this year. It includes a double opt-in service and customers can also contact the Telkom Mobile call centre to cancel their subscription at any time.

Do post offices do bank accounts?

If your bank or financial institution participates in Bank@Post, you can visit more than 3,500 post offices around Australia to perform a wide range of transactions, including: Deposit cash and cheques into your account. … Check your account balance. Prove your identity (for new customers who want to open an account)

Can I pay DSTV at the post office?

Whether you are on holiday or away on business, any post office in South Africa will be able to accept payments. … Some larger offices are equipped with self-service terminals that can accept payments electronically for those clients who do not want to queue.

How do I register my Telkom SIM card?

SmartRICA1.1 USSD – Individual registration – DIAL *130*7422# (*130*RICA#) You can dial *130*7422# Toll Free to enter the customer details. … 1.2 USSD Box Registration. You can now allocate all 20 Smartcall starters in a box to one outlet by only capturing the box number and reference. … 1.3 Web site. … 1.4 SmartRICA App.

How do I pay my Telkom Internet banking?

Log onto your bank’s website and select Telkom from the beneficiary list supplied by your bank. Use the EFT reference no. on page 1 to make electronic payments via INTERNET. Please take note the number is unique and valid for this account only.

Why is Telkom LTE so slow?

Slow-loading internet connection, waiting for videos to buffer and experiencing lag can be due to your router being shadowed by obstacles within or around your home causing inadequate LTE signal strength and speeds. …

How do I enable mobile billing?

Direct Carrier Billing can only be added through the Google Play Store app.Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.Tap the Menu icon. (upper-left).Ensure the desired Google account is shown. … Tap Payment methods.Tap Use Verizon Wireless billing.Review the Terms of Service then tap ENABLE.

How does Telkom billing work?

Telkom customers can now buy apps from the Google Play Store directly from their smartphone or tablet and charge the cost directly to their bill if they’re a contract customer or to their available airtime if they’re on prepaid.

How can I increase my Telkom LTE speed?

Get Better Telkom LTE SpeedsThe Paddle-Antenna Configuration.Change the Profile/APN settings.Captain Obvious Says: “Move the router around”Get the damn antenna up already.

How do I port to Telkom?

How does porting work mobileBuy a Telkom SIM card and register it with RICA.Use the number you want to port and SMS ‘PORTME#’, your ID number# and the 20-digit ICCIC number, (found at the back the new SIM card and starts with ’89…’) to 081 160 7678.Your number will take between 24 to 48 hours to port.

What is event billing usage?

The service is made possible through the integration of Telkom’s Event Billing service with the Bango Payments Platform and will enable Telkom customers to buy books, applications and in-game purchases from the Google Play Store and charge it directly to their mobile phone bill or airtime.

Were can I pay my Telkom account?

Ways to pay your outstanding Telkom billPay Telkom Online – register your Telkom account on the Telkom portal and pay via the website. … Pay via your bank – pay using your banking app, ATM or in-branch payment. … Pay at select Retail outlets – pay your outstanding Telkom bill at one of the following retail outlets.